Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs

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  1. Hi. My chihuaha mix has been suffering chronice diarrhea for a few weeks now. She has very few teeth so can only eat soft dog food. For about a year she was doing great on the Freshpet dog loaf that needs refrigeration. However, she started rejecting it. (This could be because to save $$ I started freezing sections of the loaf so the whole thing wouldn’t spoil after a week in the fridge. The label says freezing is not recommended.) So I moved on to other dog foods — the Cesar plastic tins, which she loves, Trader Joe’s canned, which she likes, and I’ve also given her chicken and rice which I make myself out of white and brown rice mixed with white meat, nothing more. I’ve been rotating these three options, and the diarrhea persists. Usually a couple of times a month she gets lethargic and doesn’t eat at all, but this has been an issue with her for years. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to take her in for a checkup. But I was wondering if you had soft food suggestions. Thanks much, Dave

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