Best Cocker Spaniel Dog Food

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  1. I am an old hand with cockers, 62 years, but new to the nutritional aspects of avoiding allergies and yeast, through diet. I’ve always, depended upon medicines/treatments, before.

    For my newest cockers, I am trying to stay away from rice, the highest in starch, as well as potatoes (and a few more) and any yeast. I am looking for the best low starch that is the needed binder – haven’t identified it, yet.

    Chicken, beef and lamb are the most common meat allergies for dogs, so I am trying salmon.

    Salmon has turine, but I don’t know if it is enough. Researching that.

    This one looks very good, for those who want the convenience of kibble, at moderate cost. Your experts, likely, know something I don’t or it would have been on their lists.

    Nature’s Variety® Instinct Original Dog Food – Natural, Grain Free, Raw, Salmon, for all life stages

    The best advice I have been given is to find the 2-3 best foods for your dog and to mix them together or alternate them – there is no perfect food.

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