Dog food with taurine

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  1. I hope this article was written and copied from a Veterinary Nutritionist, Cardiologist, or biochemist and not written by someone with a certificate in fitness nutrition and wellness trends. I’m sure you are aware of the FDA updated alert on 2/19/2019. It states 90% of dogs developing dietary DCM are eating grain free food. As a former cardiology tech, I am well aware of the supplements needed by Vegans due to the antinutrients in legumes, lentils and tubers. It’s not just taurine, but L-carnitine, iron, calcium, vitamin C and phosphous. Did you know that 5 – 10mg of phytic acid can reduce iron absorption by 50% and it blocks phosphorous, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and zinc? Phosphorous and zinc by 80%. Magnesium 40%. It also blocks pepsin and trypsin which are needed to break down protein. The mineral binding effect is huge. I see you are supporting foods that, many only as of September 2018, started adding taurine into their food. They created the dietary DCM fiasco by formulating kibble without proper research, professional canine staff (board certified vet nutritionists, cardiologists, biochemists, toxicologists, etc) and now without the knowledge of how they created the disease think they know the answer to fixing it. Do they know how much taurine to add to the bag to overcome the antinutrients phytate and lectins and their ability to BLOCK the absorption of taurine? Do they know how much of each ingredient they need to remove from the bag to make it a balanced diet and be sure the nutrients and amino acids are bioavailable to the dogs system? Taste of the Wild and Blue Buffalo have cases of dietary DCM. Grain inclusive foods, raw diets and home-cooked diets have cases of dietary DCM diagnosed. My son’s girlfriend has a bichon that is 4 years old and was diagnosed last week with dietary DCM. He had been fed Canidae for three years. Wouldn’t anyone that truly cares about dogs, hold off on giving dietary advice until the exact cause is determined?

    1. My vet recently reported 2 Golden Retrievers with DCM and he did sent the data to FDA and also send me articles on the warning of ‘ grain free diets’ of which peas, potatoes and lentils are under research. He also sent me a list of foods that vets are recommending. They included Hills, Iams, Purina and another brand. But in my 30 plus years owning dogs and cats, I find it very hard to understand that prior to grain free food we had Purina – yet Purina is a plant-based dry dog food using a limited amount of unspecified meat and bone meal as its main source of animal protein. Purina made a lot of dogs sick, period. I also fed my dog Prescriptive hills (also not grain-free) for 10 years and she passed away from heart enlargement, liver cancer and renal failure. The point that I am getting at is that just because a small percentage of dogs are dying and getting sick from DCM does not mean its related to their grain free diet. The main reason is that in the last 5 years more people are feeding their dogs grain free diet than generic food. Also, grain free is very expensive than non grain food, so the people who buy this food normally are the ones that actually take their dogs for routine vet checks than the population who buy low class Purina and generic dog food from the grocery store. Whether someone is feeding their dog grain free or not, you need to make sure that it contains taurine as one of the ingredients, including antioxidants and amino acids. I googled all grain free foods and some generic brands and it was hard to find taurine listed as an ingredient. My bet is that more and more food companies are now going to start looking at the ingredients that need to be added whether its grain-free or not.

  2. My vet and dog nutritionist states they are now leaning to exotic “boutique”meats such as buffalo, venison, kangaroo etc.

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